Namco Floorwash 1000 Multi-Surface Floor Scrubber


MFG Part#: 4587
  • Cleans 30 different floor types including: carpet, tile, ceramic, concrete, pool decking, porcelain, laminate, wood, slate, terrazzo, marble, vinyl, stone, and composite
  • 9 in. cleaning width
  • Lightweight and cleans with a single pass
  • Single motor powers 2 counter-rotating brushes and a central pick-up roller
  • 90 tilt angle makes it possible to clean the most difficult areas such as under countertops and furniture
  • Weighs only 22 lbs. (empty)
  • Front brush: 780 RPM
  • Rear brush: 1145 RPM
  • Brush Motor: 1,000W / 1.3 HP
  • Solution tank: 1 Gal.
  • WARRANTY: (1) Year Parts & Maintenance

This multi-surface NAMCO Floorwash 1000 is a light weight, efficient floor scrubber capable of cleaning 30 different floor types including Tile and Grout, Carpet, Concrete, Laminate, Vinyl, Rubberized Floors and much more. The NAMCO Floorwash 1000 uses a single motor that powers 2 counter-rotating brushes and a central pick-up roller. Remarkable performance resulting from bristle brushes counter-rotating at 780 RPM to actively lift dirt, water and grime leaving a slip resistant dry floor surface. A conveyor recovers the dirty water by depositing it into the central recovery tank. Designed with efficiency in mind, the 90 tilt angle allows you to clean hard to reach areas such as under countertops and into tight corners. With a 9 in. cleaning width, NAMCO Floorwash 1000 is the perfect replacement for mops and bulky machinery.


Weight 31 lbs


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