TM4 CRB Cleaning Machine 15″


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MFG Part#: TM4-C

Weight:   55.89 lb
Height:   42.52 inches
Motor:    750 W. 110 V/220 V
Power:   1 HP
Rotation:  380 RPM

Low Moisture/Dry Carpet and Hard Floor CRB Cleaning Machine.

Suitable for home, small offices, shops, facilities with obstructed area.

The 15” is the most popular and budget-friendly option for carpet cleaning businesses, start-ups and those who primarily focus on residential or small commercial cleanings.

They will pull dirt, hair and other residue out of the carpet that even the best vacuums would have no chance of removing. They will also double as a pile lifter and carpet groomer, leaving a signature look your customers will love.

CRB machines deliver amazing results on both residential and commercial carpet and with it’s dual counter rotating cylindrical brushes, it will agitate the carpet fibers and break up tough soils like no other machine on the market.

Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 43 in


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