Optimum Extreme Electric Truckmount Spacesaver 2 Cord


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This electric truckmount utilizes the best vacuums on the planet, the 6.6 2-stage ametek, running through all 2″ plumbing and vacuum hose. The vacuum power on this unit can easily power 150′-200′ of hoses, giving you the ability to do most single family residence and commercial jobs with reasonable parking. Pressure pump is a true 800psi, holding that pressure even when you depress the trigger on a typical truckmount carpet wand, unlike most units that have a significant pressure drop. Not only do you have more than enough pressure for carpet cleaning, but it will run a spinner as well ! To complete the package, you get automatic fill to keep you water tank full, Chemical injection to mix the chemical, and an automatic dump pump to keep the recovery tank empty. Bottom line, once hooked up, you never have to stop until your done ! If water source or place to dump is an issue you have a 24 gallon recovery tank, and 29 gallon solution tank to run off of. To Complete the package it comes with the Little Giant 3ht heater which will maintain 225 degree + water temp from cold water start. Add this up, and you have a machine that will run off 2 cords, and NO gas.That can save you up to $500/month in gasoline alone. Put this in an economy van and you’re really maximizing your profits.

2-6.6” 2 Stage Hi-Performance Ametek Vacuum Motors 145” lift/ 275 SCFM
Auto Fill, Chemical injection, Auto Dump
Vacs in Parallel w/2” Hose Inlet
Pumptec 350 pump 800psi, 1.8 gpm
Can be run off 2 cords, 1 cord will draw 14amps, the other at maximum pressure will be at 20amps.
29 Gallon Solution/24 Gallon Recovery Tank
Little Giant 3ht 120,000 BTU’s up to 240 degrees (depending on jetting,operating pressure and starting water temperature)
1 Year Guarantee Parts & Labor (Less Exclusions)


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