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Fantastic experience! From being greeted at the door by a friendly associate to being educated on the variety of carpet care products available! I couldn’t be more pleased. I had the pleasure of talking to Tony and I have to say, his customer service is by far some of the best I’ve experienced in a very long time. Hard working, family owned, knowledgeable place. This store has won a customer for life. I’ll tell everyone I can about them. Way to go team optimum floor care!

L Thomas

I bought a Sandia portable carpet extractor and returned it because it was a new model and didnt work right. Tony had a better extractor he built to perform almost like a truck mount he helped me with some ideas to clean carpet better and easier. He never exaggerated about the machines he sells just tells the truth I am very happy with the extractor I bought works better than the factory built Sandia that was my first purchase thanks Tony.

GC Carpet Tile and Grout Cleaner

Hi Tony,

Instead of a question for you I have a compliment!
I was just cleaning my own carpet and it reminded me, I have only had to use 50 feet of 2” hose so far on the jobs I’ve done, and I have to tell you that the vacuum on my 115 is pretty awesome. I’ve never used a truckmount so I can’t compare in that regard, but what I do know is that the wand (from Wanders with slotted glide) sucks down so hard to the carpet that in all honesty I think 100 ft of hose would probably be about Right!
I definitely was concerned about the drying aspect with a portable, and always read about that as the typical knock on them but that is DEFINITELY not an issue! Of course, there’s a portable and there’s a PORTABLE.
The customers that I have cleaned for are stoked with the dry time. I do have a theory that a lot of truckmount guys use pressure as a perceived short cut around using more agitation and proper chemistry and end up drowning the carpet and working against themselves in reality. To me 350-400 psi is plenty on typical carpet and the results have been great.
Anyway, hope I made your day a little.

Tom DiMaggio

I’ve been going to this place for years and have never had a bad experience with the staff here. I drive out of my way to get to this fine establishment due to the fact that I can be certain my truckmount will be fixed right the first time.

Jeff Farmer

Tony, Francisco, Ruby and the whole team at Optimum Floorcare really set the standard for professionalism, knowledge and service. I drive almost an hour and a half simply because I am willing to pay for their expertise. Tony, the founder, knows this and will make sure to handle my problems immediately... and I am by no means his high dollar client. The machines I purchased years ago are custom built at the shop and are much better than anything on the market. The service team works remarkably quickly. Optimum Floorcare is the best store and repair shop for carpet cleaning equipment in Southerm California. San Diego's best carpet cleaning store. Orange County's best carpet cleaning store is an hour away...worth the drive.