17″ Jumbo #0 Steel Wool Pads – PACK OF 2


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MFG Part#: FO7817-0

Whether the job calls for stripping a tough, dirty, paste-wax build-up or buffing a beautiful parquet floor to a brilliant luster, or applying a crystallizer, JUMBO Steel Wool Floor Pads are the premium solution for floor maintenance. Thick and fluffy for high absorbency and minimum clogging. The fullness and springiness of these hand wrapped pads, allows it to cut through the grime quicker while providing room within the pad to absorb more of what it cuts as it cleans. Designed to provide maximum surface contact at the optimal angles for a mirror-like reflective finish. JUMBO Floor Pads can be shaken out and used over and over for cleaning, dry scrubbing, polishing or finishing almost any type of floor. And they’re reversible for even longer life.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 4 in


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