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Helpful Hints: If the grout looks “blotchy” after cleaning with Oxy-Blaster, first reapply Oxy-Blaster again, let it dwell 15 minutes and keep it wet. Then use a 1-jet tool at around 1200 psi and run it on the grout lines (assuming that the grout is sound). Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to clean Cementious grout lines, they will still show some markings. One way to get that out is by using Oxy-blaster low pH. Which is an acid and will remove these stains by etching them. Apply by dipping a towel in the mixture and then running it on the grout lines. Rinse out within 2 minutes. Always test in an inconspicuous area and follow all directions of caution on the bottle. There are some forms of grout that do not clean even using this procedure, for those use grout dyes.

Hard Floor Cleaner with Citrus Solvent


Cleans Man-Made Tiles (Ceramic, Porcelain & Italian Quarry), Natural Stones (Marble, Granite, Travertine, Slate, Terrazzo, Limestone & Sandstone), Clay Stones (Saltillo and Terra Cotta) & Grout (Cementitious and Epoxy). Also, a “booster” for dirty synthetic carpets.

Oxy-Blaster is the original product made for hard surface cleaning since 1998. It has been copied, but never duplicated. Now, get it with added Citra-pure to cut through oil based stains faster even when heat is not present. Dissolves the filthiest dirt fast, but also has oxygen that gets absorbed into the grout and stones to produce colorsafe oxygen bleach that safely bleaches stains soaked into grout and stones. Made for use on all man made and natural stones. When used in proper dilution it is a “booster” for carpet cleaning, Only use for synthetic fibers that are super “trashed”. Oxy-Blaster makes short work of all organic stains like coffee & urine. pH 12.

Directions: Ultra Concentrated. Always pretest in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness before starting. In a “pump-up” sprayer use 2 oz to a gallon. In regular Hydroforce use 18-24 oz and the rest water. Give it 15-minute dwell time. Keep it wet. Do not let Oxy-Blaster dry. Scrub grout with brush if necessary. For dirtier grout increase dwell time or repeat. Note. if there is buildup on the hard surface and grout, use Trashed High pH first to clean the build-up. Oxy-Blaster is not made just for build-up, although it does work on it. It has to get absorbed into the grout and stone and produces oxygen to remove stains. Use 800 to 1450 si depending on the type of stone and the condition of the grout. As a booster for “trashed” synthetic carpets add 2 oz in pump-up sprayer, and 4 to 8 oz in Hydroforce in addition to your regular pre-spray. Also works on air-filtration. Not for use on furniture.

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