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2 times more concentrated! Oxy-Blaster 2x is an all purpose
pre-spray that not only dissolves the filthiest dirt fast, but also has oxygen that gets absorbed into the grout and stones to produce colorsafe oxygen bleach that safely bleaches stains soaked into grout and stones. Made for use on all man made and natural stones. When used in proper dilitution as a “booster” for carpet cleaning, Oxy-Blaster makes short work of all organic stains like coffee and urine. pH 12.
Ultra Concentrated. Always pretest in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness before starting. In a “pump-up” sprayer 1 oz to gal of water. In regular Hydroforce fill with water then add 10-12 oz. Give it 15-min dwell time. Keep it wet. Do not let Oxy-Blaster dry. Scrub grout with brush if necessary. For dirtier grout increase dwell time or repeat. Note, if there is buildup on the hard surface and grout, use Trashed High pH 1st to clean the build-up. Oxy-Blaster is not made just for build-up, although it does work on it. It has to get absorbed into the grout and stone and produces oxygen to remove stains. Use 800-1450 psi depending on the type of stone and the condition of the grout. As a booster for “trashed” carpets add 1 oz per gal to your alkaline prespray & 3-6 oz in reg Hydroforce in addition to your pre-spray. Also works on air-filtration. Not for use on furniture.
Blue Scoop is 1 table spoon which equals 1/2 oz.

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