Shop Vac 14 Gallon 6.5 Peak HP Wet & Dry Utility Vacuum with SVX2 Motor Technology


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MFG Part#: 8251405

Cord Length: 12 Feet
Hose Size: 2.5-inch Diameter
Lock-on Hose
SVX2 Motor
Tank Drain
Blower Feature
Tool Storage Basket
Hose Holder

8-foot by 2.5-inch Diameter Lock-On® Hose
Two 2.5-inch Diameter Extension Wands
14-inch Wet/Dry Floor Nozzle
8-inch Utility Nozzle
Crevice Tool
Elbow Grip
Tool Storage Basket
Hose Holder

Cartridge Filter
Foam Sleeve
10-14 Gallon* High Efficiency Disposable Filter Bag

Airflow, Max: 150 CFM
Sealed Pressure: 72 Inches
Electrical Ratings: 120V 60Hz 12 Amps
Peak Air Watts: 370
ASTM tested with 2.5-inch diameter Shop-Vac® hose

The Shop-Vac® 14 Gallon* 6.5 Peak HP** Wet/Dry Utility Vacuum features the SVX2 Motor Technology. This new motor has more power and longer motor life when compared to the Shop-Vac® standard 5.5 peak HP** motor. Use this vacuum to clean up your workspace, basement or garage. The hose attaches to the rear blower port allowing you to blow the dirt out of hard to reach places.

Vacuum Performance
Vacuum performance or air power is the rate of work performed by a vacuum cleaner. Air power is a function of suction and air flow at an operating point. Air power is reduced by dirty filters, leaks and attachments used.


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