Odorcide Skunk-Off 32oz Liquid Spray Quart


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Removes all traces of skunk spray from dogs, other pets, people, clothes, cars, homes.

Directions for Use on the Pet: Wipe off excess skunk spray. Saturate the area with Skunk-Off. Work in thoroughly, rinse, and then let dry. If odor persists, continue to reapply as necessary.

Directions for Use in the Home: Skunk-Off can be safely applied to carpets, upholstery, clothing, or bedding. Use Skunk-Off liquid in the laundry at a rate of 2-4 ounces per regular load. Skunk-Off may also be applied in larger areas by wet fogging with a dilution of 1:1 with water.

With Skunk-Off, you can remove skunk odor from dogs, cats, home, carpet, car, clothes, and more. Can be used on clothing, carpet, and upholstery, A non-enzymatic formula that is safe for pets and people.

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 14 in


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