Ultra Clean Alumoshine – Gallon


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HF Acid Based Wheel Cleaner

Alumoshine is specifically formulated for fast and effective removal of oxidation and corrosion from aluminum surfaces. Cleans and brightens trailers, truck, buses, boats, automotive and transportation equipment, etc.

ilute one part Alumoshine with ten parts water. Mix this solution in a polyethylene or plastic container, since contact with metallic containers will cause corrosion. Brush or spray solution on area to be cleaned, working from the bottom up. Allow it react on the surfaces for approximately 3 to 5 minutes, then RINSE THOROUGHLY. For extreme cases, a second application may be necessary.

Avoid contact with paint, Handle with extreme care. Use Safety gloves, goggles, and splash apron when handling this product.

This product contains Sulfuric Acid a strong inorganic acid that is known to The State of California to cause cancer.



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