Ultra Clean Con-Clean Gallon


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MFG Part#: 8005

Heavy Duty Acid Concrete Cleaner

Con-Clean cleans and brightens all concrete, flushes out hidden deposits. Use on all masonry surfaces, and Redi-Mix companies.

DIRECTIONS: Dilute 1: 4 with water. Apply Con-Clean into pores of the surface. Allow to  stand “WORK” until it has quit foaming. Then rinse with water. Con-Clean will also clean the inside of swimming pools and pool decks.

For Redi-Mix Trucks and Equipment – Apply to mixer and surrounding areas (Not on enamel paint surface of the trucks cab). The following recommendation is given as a suggestion only. Your Experience in the field and the severity of the soil conditions may dictate a strong or weaker solution.



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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 14 in


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