PURAERO LGR Compact Dehumidifier 85/145


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MFG Part#: PA-45-LGR-BL

Commercial/Industrial Use               –            Water Damage Restoration

Pint Capacity                                            –            85 pints

Lowest Operating Temperature       –            33 degrees

Auto-Restart                                            –             Yes

Wi-Fi                                                           –            No

Automatic Defrost                                 –            Yes

Maximum Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)    –     300 CFM

Refrigerant Type                                    –            R-410A

Plug Face Type                                        –            5-15P

Maximum Amperage                            –          4.2 Amps

Maximum Wattage                                –          460 W

Voltage                                                       –          110-120 V


The PURAERO PA-45-LGR Dehumidifier is a compact unit that can pull up to 85 pints of moisture per day from areas like crawl spaces and basements, as well as other constricted locations.

Features like low temperature operation, an included drain line, internal condensate pump, and high airflow make this compact dehumidifier ideal for a variety of applications.

Compact & Powerful

This compact LGR dehumidifier measures only 20 H x 15.1 W x 25.2 L allowing it to fit into small crawl spaces, unheated storage buildings, basements, and many other areas that remain damp.

With 300 CFM of airflow, the PURAERO PA-45-LGR can remove 85 pints per day at AHAM (80°F & 60% RH) and up to 145 pints per day at Saturation (90°F & 90% RH).

Low-Temperature Operation

This compact LGR dehumidifier can operate at temperatures as low as 33 degrees and up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s great for use in areas without consistent heating and cooling. Plus, with automatic defrost capabilities and the included 25-foot drain line, you don’t have to worry about constant oversight.


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